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helps you get to know your brain, how it works, and what you need to do to use it well. Read amazing facts about your memory power. Take part in experiments and tests to reveal the way you think best. Learn the secrets of using both sides of your brain to achieve a powerful memory. Discover how the techniques of the ancient Greeks and Romans can be applied to your challenges today. Bring your memory to life, and amaze yourself and everyone around you with how much you can achieve.


explores how to remember words. Turn any word or phrase into a powerful image and lock it into your mental store. Learn the secrets of remembering names and faces. Discover how to memorize memos, essays and documents of any length. Start to feel confident giving presentations from memory, and help your audience remember everything you say. Remember jokes, spellings and foreign languages, and unleash your imagination on limitless amounts of written data.


turns to numbers, explaining tried and tested strategies for dealing with PINs, passcodes, telephone numbers, prices... Discover how to recall times and dates to regain control over your busy life. Learn formulae, betting systems, map references, serial numbers... Organise and memorize all the digits you need to know.


shows you how to apply your memory skills to the precise requirements of your life. Develop your own strategies for anything you might want to learn: scripts, playing-cards, recipes, music... Learn complex directions, sporting manoeuvres, gardening techniques... With your memory under your control you can re-learn old habits and rehearse for new challenges. Use both sides of your brain to be more creative, and start making yourself memorable to others. Learn the importance of sleep, good nutrition and appropriate exercise, and discover how to maintain a healthy memory and to keep your mind active and young. Be inspired to apply your memory skills to every aspect of your life.

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